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Monday, May 15, 2006

Scene Stealer Margaux Wong: a thing for fabric

The Scene
Scene Stealer Margaux Wong: a thing for fabric
Wong in one of her designs a few years ago.

At 23, designer Margaux Wong could say she has "been there, done that". Well-known in local designing circles, even though she does not actively market her clothing, the young woman said she still receives orders from faithful customers.

Margaux says she first knew she had "a thing" for fabric in her final year at President's College.

Since then, her life has been somewhat of a roller coaster but it has now steadied since she has found Jesus, she says.

It was six months before writing her CXC examination that she developed a "passion for fashion" and wrote the arts examination and while she did not do as well as expected she "aced" the textiles section. After completing secondary school she moved to UG where she entered the pre-law programme, even though she knew that was not her calling; she listened to the "wise counselling" of her father. But one year after successfully completing the programme she opted for business management instead of entering the law programme. She felt that business could have helped her in her calling.

It was while she was at UG, at the age of 18, that Margaux really started designing. She told The Scene that she was fed-up of "looking like everyone else," mostly dressed in jeans and tops; so she started designing and sewing clothes for herself.

She insists that it was not a marketing strategy at the time. But it became one of her best moves as her friends started clamouring to know who was sewing her clothing.

"It came to a point where they wanted to take the clothes off my back," she said with laugh. At that time Wong wore her hair in dreadlocks, all part of expressing herself and her art, and it went well with her designs.

Then, she says, she was more or less experimenting and her clothing appeared to be "somewhat classic" as there was nothing like that before. Eventually, she bowed to pressure and started designing clothing on demand for her friends and their associates. It was also a good way of earning some extra cash.

UG was not her only launching ground into the designing world. She recalls being invited to model a few pieces for another designer at a tea party at Side Walk Café and taking the opportunity to model a piece of her own. It turned out to be a hit and she was invited to do a tea party of her own at the café. At that point that she only about 25 pieces, which she had made for herself over the years but they were sufficient for the packed house. "After that, my phone was ringing off the hook."

During her third year at university Margaux left because of the personal issues. She did not elaborate, but it appears that these issues saw her turning to God.

She is now a member of the Dominion Household Ministries and ministers for the Lord through singing and her designs.

At that point she also got rid of the dreadlocks as she felt she had expressed herself and had outgrown that part of her.

"I decided to get rid of it [the locks] and start a new. It was a turbulent time in my life and it was sort of a renewal process," she said.

Her designs are more of an expression of her ministry through God's creativity. But she has not changed the way she designs her clothing as her designs have always been conservative.

She was never a "skimpy" dresser. Margaux grew up with her grandmother in the house who ensured that did not happen.

But her life has changed in other areas since she found God and according to her she now knows God's purpose for her and that is to sing and minister for him through her designs. She no longer goes clubbing and does not partake in alcohol beverages.

"I have also learn not to be judgemental. I no longer see the bad in a person first but I actually see the good."

She now designs mostly when she is asked to create something for a client.

She has plans to go to England next year to attend a fashion and marketing school. In the meantime Margaux is also working on a few small projects, such as being the designer for a mash band next year and may also do something for the World Cup leg in Guyana. "But I spend most of my time taking care of my grandparents; there is this mother instinct in me that just makes me want to take care of people."

Margaux revealed that even though she grew up in Albouystown and still lives there, she does not know the area well as while growing up she was not allowed to roam the streets. When she became an adult she had no desire to do that either.

Margaux recalled that she was very sheltered as a child and she spent a lot of her time by herself reading and drawing. She is the only child for her parents, who have since separated and her father has two other children.

Margaux attended Starters Nursery School before going to Sacred Heart. She next gained a place at the Bishops' High School where she remained for a few years before being sent to President's College.

Margaux's life plan includes being the best she can be, since she knows God wants much more for her.

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