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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Henry Rodney: the next Bollywood Star?

Local actor one of 149 with parts in Guiana 1838
Thursday, March 18th 2004

The filming for Bollywood movie Guiana 1838 will begin on Sunday and according to Farouk Juman, the coordinator, Guyanese actor Henry Rodney will be on the big screen.

Juman told Stabroek News that all equipment for the movie is expected by this weekend and that numerous seamstresses were sewing costumes for the actors.

Guiana 1838 is a love story based on the history of Guyana. "All Guyanese will be better people after they look at the movie," predicted Juman in an interview with Stabroek News. He said along with director Rohit Jagessar he has unearthed tons of historical data that some Guyanese have no idea about so as to make the film as accurate as possible. Jagessar and Juman have reportedly been working on the movie for six years after Jagessar came up with the idea.

Actors are expected in from England before the weekend to make up a contingent of 365 actors. Along with Rodney, another 149 Guyanese actors and actresses will have parts. The movie will incorporate some Hindi in it but only to bring out basic points in the movie. Juman maintained that Guiana 1838 is not an Indian movie and will focus on the abolition of slavery and the arrival of Indians in Guyana during the 19th Century.

Juman along with Jagessar are both Guyanese who live in America. Juman said that they got their actors and actresses from Guyana through an advertisement, which they had placed some months ago. According to him, they had a good feedback and from that they made their decisions. The Guyanese cast is staying in Berbice where they have all their meals and accommodation provided for them. Juman stated that there would be no fixed time for rehearsals. "The cast will work until they are perfect," he said. There will be all sorts of African and Indian music and designers are currently in the process of recreating scenes such as the sugar plantation, the ships in which the indentured labourers arrived in and others. The Number 63 beach is outlined for all of the seaside and waterfronts shootings. Filming could not be done in Georgetown because of the sound and noise. The star of the movie "Guiana 1838", Kumar Gaurav is already in Guyana and he is reportedly enjoying every moment of his stay.

Juman is overwhelmed by the support he was given from the Guyanese community and from President Bharrat Jagdeo. He said that the final touches for the movie will be administered in the US. A ceremony will be held before the filming begins on Sunday at the Number 63 beach. Guiana 1838 is expected to be in theatres by the end of the year.

Guiana 1838 trailer released
Sunday, July 4th 2004
The first of five trailers for the film GUIANA 1838 has been released on the internet.

A press release from the production company said the trailer can be viewed online at .

The release said the website crashed a number of times after the announcement of the trailer's availability was made, because of the unusually high traffic and additional bandwidth has since been added.

GUIANA 1838 tells the story of the people who once lived and worked in former British colonies in the Caribbean. It covers the abolition of slavery and the arrival of Indians in Guyana, the release said.

The film stars Indian actors Kumar Gaurav as Laxman and Aarti Bathija as Urmila; British actors Thomas Garvey and Rufus Graham as driver and overseer of the Gladstone plantations of Vreed-en-Hoop and Vreed-en-Stein; and local actor Henry Rodney as Cabi a Maroon, who returns from the jungle after abolition.

Rohit Jagessar, an overseas-based Guyanese wrote, produced and directed GUIANA 1838. It is scheduled to be released in August.

GUIANA 1838 at editing stage in US
Saturday, May 22nd 2004
GUIANA 1838, the first motion picture shot in Guyana this century, is now in the editing stage in the United States, and is expected to be in theatres this August after a private screening in Guyana.

The film will first open commercially in Australia before making its way onto screens across the US and Canada and before opening worldwide in 52 select countries, according to a press release from NriFilmProd.

GUIANA 1838 focuses on the abolition of slavery and the arrival of Indians in Guyana during the 19th century. The film stars superstar Kumar Gaurav and Bollywood star Aarti Bathija as Urmila. British actor Thomas Garvey plays plantation driver David while local actor Henry Rodney is cast as Cabi, a maroon who returned from the jungles to find that slavery is abolished, the release noted.

The film arrived in the editing lab in the US in terrific condition, the release said, and it suffered no damage from the hot climate here while it was in production. This was good news to US-based Guyanese filmmaker Rohit Jagessar who immediately gave the green light to his production assistants to start preparation for his next three films to be made in Guyana.

According to Jagessar, this proves that feature films can be made in Guyana with very good results despite intense heat especially in savannah areas of the country.

According to the release, overseas filmmakers and film studios have been closely following the GUIANA 1838 production to see the results Guyana locations offer.

Guyana offers tremendous scenic locations to tell stories in many genres, according to the filmmaker whose next film is a toss up between the second part of his GUIANA 1838 trilogy or The Pork Knockers, a story he wrote alongside GUIANA 1838, the release said.

'Guiana 1838' on track for August release
Saturday, April 3rd 2004
The feature film "Guiana 1838" will be completed by May 5 and the director for the movie, Rohit Jagessar hopes to then shoot three other feature films in Guyana.

Starring in the movie is Bollywood actor, Kumar Gaurav in the lead role as "Laxman" and Aarti Bathija as "Urmila". Guyanese actor Henry Rodney will be playing the role of "Cabi", a runaway slave who returns from the jungles after the abolition of slavery.

According to a release from the film committee, Jagessar said "good cinema is always met with great challenges." It further noted "challenges prompt the imagination to think and to go deeper and think broader." The filmmaker said that his long shooting schedules in intense South American heat sometimes spill into late nights. He further noted that it is taking some toll on his cast and crew but everyone keeps pressing on with appreciation for the demands of the story about the people who once lived and worked on this land.

According to Jagessar, his next film will continue the trilogy of "Guiana 1838" followed by "Pork Knockers", a film about a TIME magazine reporter on assignment journeying through the Amazon and uncovering the mystery which lies beneath. After such, the last chapter of Guiana 1838 will then go into production.

Jagessar and his production team are expected to fly from Guyana to New York for a short break after the Guyana shoot is completed.

Guiana 1838 will be released world wide in theatres this coming August after a private screening in Guyana and three weeks after its first screening in Australia.

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