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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Guyana Prize

The Guyana Prize








First Book


To recognise and reward outstanding work in literature by Guyanese authors in order to:

provide a focus for the recognition of the creative writing of Guyanese at home and abroad;

stimulate interest in and provide encouragement for the development of good creative writing

among Guyanese in particular and Caribbean writers in general.


The competition is for works in the following four categories:

a) Poetry - a collection of poems or one long poem by a single author.

b) Fiction - a novel or collection of short stories by a single author.

c) Drama - a full length play.

d) First book in categories [a] and [b] above.


Category [a] Poetry US $5,000.00

[b] Fiction US $5,000.00

[c] Drama US $5,000.00

[d] First Books US $3,000.00 (each)

There will be one prize awarded in categories [a], [b] and [c] and two prizes in category [d].



Published [or, in the case of drama, performed] works of Guyanese at home or resident abroad are eligible for submission.

Works must fall in any of the four named categories and in the cases of Fiction and Poetry, must have been published for the first time between Sept. 1, 2004 - July 31, 2006.


In the case of categories [a], [b] and [d] only works submitted by publishers will be accepted.

However, for authors resident in Guyana, only unpublished manuscripts may be submitted

by the author, provided that such scripts have been clearly typed on one side of the paper.

b) Publishers will submit works published between Sept. 1, 2004 and July 31, 2006.

c) In the case of drama, works that have either been written, first published or first publicly

performed between Sept. 1, 2004 and July 31, 2006, may be submitted by either

publisher or author. A typescript of a play may be accepted, provided that such a script

has been clearly typed on one side of the paper.

d) Publishers, [or authors in the case of drama or manuscripts], are requested to submit six

[ 6] copies gratis of each title submitted.


The deadline for the receipt of entries will be July 31, 2006. There will be no extension of this deadline.

Works received after this date will be accepted only if the postmark or any other evidence

indicates that the entry was mailed on or before the deadline date.


Works shall be in English but widely interpreted to include varieties of English and English

based creoles.


Winners shall be selected by a panel of five [5] judges of whom one will be the Chairman.

The five judges will comprise persons from within Guyana and abroad well known for their

work in these fields. The Management Committee may ask the Commonwealth Institute

or the British Council to nominate one of the judges.

If it ever happens that all five judges are unable to read all entries, each entry will be read by

at least three judges.

A short list of finalists will be announced not later than one month before the Award


The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence on the results will be entertained.

Winners will be notified at an appropriate time and will be expected, as a condition of entry,

to attend the Prize Award Ceremony which will be a date in late in 2006, to be announced.

Return airfares and other expenses will be provided where necessary.


All entries must be accompanied by a separate typed sheet with the following information for each competitor:

a] Entrant�s full name, date and place of birth, citizenship [by birth, marriage, naturalization]

or residence qualifications;

b] Current address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail (if any);

c] Title of work submitted;

d] Date and place of publication in the case of Fiction and Poetry entries.

e] In the case of the Poetry and Fiction entries, state whether or not the work is a first

published book in the relevant category.

f] A brief biographical sketch and career resume of the author together with a recent photo


Entries for this competition must be addressed to:

The Guyana Prize Management Committee

c/o The Deputy Vice Chancellor

University of Guyana

P. O. Box 101110





The awards ceremony will be held in Georgetown on a date late in 2006, to be announced.


1. Persons eligible to enter must be Guyanese citizens or Guyanese residents of at least ten

[10] continuous years. A Guyanese is defined as a person who was born in Guyana, or

who holds, or has acquired Guyanese citizenship.

2. A Publisher is defined as one who produces copies of books etc. and distributes them to

book sellers or to the public. Private publishers including authors who have published

their own work, are included in this definition.

3. No selected poems or collected poems or stories, the bulk of which has been previously

published in book form outside the prescribed time, will be accepted.

4. CLARIFICATION ON DRAMA: While unpublished or unperformed plays are eligible,

no play which was published or performed before Sept. 1, 2004 will be accepted. Radio

plays [full length] and filmscripts may be entered in this category.

al creighton

Secretary, Management Council



P.O.Box: 101110

Tel: [592] 222-3470; Fax: (592) 222-3596


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