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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Canada-based Guyanese singer returns to help musicians

Canada-based Guyanese singer
returns to help musicians

After leaving the shores of Guyana some 28 years ago, 45-year-old Ahamad Ally has returned to Guyana , a self-accomplished musician and entertainer, who has made a major breakthrough in the foreign entertainment field.

Ally is here on an extensive search for Guyanese talent, and plans to assist musicians in their development. Ally will help musicians with their productions; however such musicians will have to possess some form of singing experience.

With music being a raging fire running in his veins, Ally, popularly known as Prince Ally, had migrated to Toronto, Canada, at age 24 with the hope of making good use of his musical talent.

He was encouraged by family and friends to seek musical fame, after his vocal talent was discovered when he sang at several school concerts, fairs, talent and cultural shows during his early teenage years in Guyana .

The super-talented singer and songwriter, who was born and raised at Dundee Village , Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, said his father, who was also a talented musician in his time, helped him with rehearsals and voice training.

He soon became acquainted with the various musical instruments his father owned, and this allowed him to develop perfect timing, precision and the versatility needed for professional entertainment.

“I was always a lover of music; it was within my blood and no other profession I attempted could extinguish the fire within me. I always liked to make people happy and I did it in my music. My whole life is built on music, laughter and happiness,” the musician declared.

After spending a number of years in Toronto , Ally's first big break came when he won the Canadian Reggae Music Award in 1990. This was an award given by Jamaican promoters in Canada , to budding singers who had invaded the music scene and had made a significant breakthrough with reggae music.

By this time, Ally had already released several CDs, which were causing quite a stir among music lovers. Ally had won the Canadian Reggae Music Award from a field of other singers from various parts of the world.

Even though he is of Indo-Guyanese origin, Ally performs extremely well in the reggae, lover's rock and slow dub music disciplines.

“I always liked to be extra-ordinary, so I just worked on doing something different from others. Though it was risky, I plunged head long into the field of reggae and lovers rock and in no time was climbing the ladder of fame. I guess it was my specialty, really,” Ally said.

Soon after his major success in 1990, he shared the same stage with celebrity Indian performers, Khumar Sanu and Dilau Mahandi, who had visited Canada . The bubbly and somewhat aggressive musician soon after copped the Habeeb Khan Award for successful musicians in Canada .

This award was given to him at a special ‘Habeeb Khan Awards Night' held in Toronto . In 2003, he was also nominated along with other talented musicians for the Juno Music Awards in Canada .

In 2006 he teamed up with Sammy Baksh to thrill Guyanese through what he described as a musical inferno at the ‘One Love Guyana, Mash Music Mix 2006' show, held at the National Cultural Centre. Baksh had just returned from the United States .

To date, the singer has released ten albums in Canada and plans to have them released in Guyana soon. He has also acquired his own recording company, called Ally's Talent International Productions.

He is also the proprietor\owner of the Island Music Recording Agency, which specializes in distributing Caribbean music in Canada .

For all this, his journey to stardom was not like the flight of a super-speed rocket into space. “I encountered major difficulties in finding a producer for my music in Canada . Though it was risky, I worked my way to the top with the help of other supportive musicians and produced my own music. This propelled me to my present pinnacle of fame.

“Many times I had felt frustrated and wanted to give up but my relentless nature and love for music kept me going.”

The talented musician made a great impact on the music scene when he released his 18 track CD, called ‘Island Flavour' which received high ratings. Another 18 track CD titled, ‘Don't Dis the Champion' paved the way for a third 18 tracks CD, dubbed ‘Reggae Come Down' which created havoc among reggae lovers in Canada.

Among his hit albums, Ally produced a remarkable 8 track album called ‘The greatest hits of Prince Ally' which was adored by ‘lovers rock' fans.

The ‘Reggae Come Down' CD will be soon released in Guyana , according to Ally. His latest release is dubbed ‘Prince Ally meets Dobby Dobson,' which is an exciting fusion of music between the two singers.

Ally's CDs were all produced in Canada and Jamaica .

Ally has had the privilege of performing alongside celebrity entertainers like Dobby Dobson, Glen Washington, Coca Tea from Jamaica , Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Luciano and others.

This performer was involved in a major fund raising activity launched in Canada in January 2005, to solicit funds to assist Guyanese affected by the floods in that year.

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