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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Black People and Cell Phones

Black People and Cell Phones

By Kennedy Johnson
OW Contributor

While at the bank the other day, I found myself waiting in an unusually long line. Now, I bank with a black owned bank and this bank, no matter how many people are in line, will only open two teller windows max at any given time, adding to the frustration of their customers. But I digressed. Believe it or not, this isn’t about the horrible customer service of the bank.
As I am waiting in a line intertwined in my own thoughts, I am suddenly jolted back to reality when I hear a loud beep followed by a loud, “Where you at!” Immediately I look around to find the idiot who is in the bank with their chirp on full blast so the whole world can partake in their conversation. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the person chirps back, “I’m in the bank,” which is followed by “What you doin’,” which is followed by “I said I’m at the bank. Don’t worry about where I be at!”
Much to my amazement, this conversation goes on for several minutes and I realize by looking at the line that I am not the only one rolling my eyes and annoyed by the loud and intrusive conversation.
I realized at that very moment that like driver’s licenses and children, everyone doesn’t need a phone with two-way capabilities because there is a certain amount of phone etiquette required these days that many of us have not learned.
First, there is a reason why all phones come with a vibrator and the option for silent mode. Don’t be afraid to use it, especially when you find yourself in public areas. Second, it’s okay to let your phone go to voicemail, that’s why we have it.
And speaking of voicemail, we don’t need to hear the entire song play before we can leave you a message. Unlike you, we actually have a life and don’t want to be forced to listen to a song that we don’t even like in the first place just to have the opportunity to say our name before we am cut off because your song took up all of the time allotted for any type of message.
Now I know you take great pride in your newly downloaded ring tone, but please don’t let your phone ring on and on just for the sake of “showing off.” Answer the damn thing or turn it off!
Next, if you work in an office, respect your co-workers and turn the volume down or off on your phone.
Please don’t have me standing at the check out stand waiting to be checked out while you send a text message to your boyfriend. I know if doesn’t seem like this rule applies any more, but I am the customer and the customer is always right.
Finally, as if driving in Los Angeles wasn’t dangerous enough, now I have to look out for DWT drivers, “driving while texting.” Often times these drivers are worse than the other drivers because they just flat aren’t looking at the road, but rather their phones key pad in an attempt to spell out a message that could wait to be sent at another time.
Please take this the wrong way.
Phone etiquette, like manners at the dinner table, are very necessary. As much as you don’t want me in your business is as much as I don’t want to be in your business. So for the good of the order, let’s avoid mass ignorance when using our cell phones.
Kennedy Johnson can be reached at

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