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Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Kaieteur’s Bottom

US-BASED Guyanese Joseph O’Lall, Jnr., last month concluded a hiking expedition to the bottom of Kaieteur Falls. The expedition was held from March 8 – 12. Photo shows O’Lall at Kaieteur Bottom.

Communing with God
Dr. Prema Mootoo’s books explore moral, ethical themes
By Pat Dial
THE vast majority of Caribbean and Guyanese writings consist of poetry, novels about Caribbean life in one form or the other, political writings and of course histories. There has been little or nothing manifesting the spiritual or religious. Dr. Prema Mootoo’s five books, written over a four-year period from the middle of 2002, deal with the spiritual and religious and therefore hold a unique place.

Her five books, in the order in which they were written were: The Warning; The Battle; Fighting the Battle Part 1; Fighting the Battle Part 2 and the Final Battle.

Dr. Prema Mootoo is an able practising physician who has been carrying on her late father’s medial practice. Dr Prema is the daughter of distinguished parents. Her mother, Malaysian-born, is a British-trained educationist and intellectual and her father, Dr Leslie Mootoo, CCH, was a man of great brilliance and self-effacing humility who served the Guyanese nation in many ways. Though he was an internationally known Pathologist whose work in the Jonestown massacre has become a permanent part of pathological reference, he still carried on a very wide practice for the benefit of ordinary folk. People generally regarded Dr Leslie Mootoo, a man of God, not so much as a doctor, but a gifted healer, and he was universally loved.

Dr. Prema Mootoo’s five books are not religious or theological commentaries, nor are they books arguing a case or trying to prove one religion better than another. They are books much more in the tradition of some of the old Hebrew prophets who communed with God and who conveyed God’s warnings and messages to man. And Dr Mootoo’s works consist of God’s messages which she received from the Divine in various ways but mostly in the presence of God.

In this age of agnosticism, atheism, natural science and narrow rationalism, it is fashionable to reject as impossible or non-existent what cannot be seen or be logically proven. Many would question whether God would have incarnated Himself as Jesus or whether there could be any truth in miracles. Past ages, even in the Western Tradition and certainly in the more ancient civilisations of the East, regard direct and personal communion with God as a commonplace. Dr. Prema communes directly with God, and in this way reminds us that what was possible in the Past is not impossible today. At the beginning of her first book, “The Warning,” she says:

What I have to say to you

Is not from me

But from what I have heard

The Lord say to me

As I have sat in His Presence…..

The communications and messages she received occur in tandem with severe struggles in the spirit against the various forces of Evil as personified in a variety of diabolical and horrible forms. The arena in which these horrible and ugly demonic forms operate in Guyana which is a land being threatened to be overwhelmed by evil, sorrow and disaster.

The communications are made in a kind of prose/verse in very simple English and fall naturally into stanzas or paragraphs. These stanzas and paragraphs have their own peculiar physical shapes. Indeed, when one reads the books, one has the feeling that these physical shapes have a hidden meaning of their own. Dr. Mootoo did not write the communications in her own words; she transmitted and transcribed exactly what was communicated. And, very curiously, the physical shapes of the paragraphs/stanzas came about on their own.

The moral themes of the books call for the inhabitants of Guyana to live moral and ethical lives and to have sincere and unalloyed belief in God and His works. The Church needs to be cleansed of hypocrisy, deceit, sloth and immorality as well as the pervasive evil of demonic spirits which were brought here from the ancestral homes of Guyana’s multi-racial population. These spirits also affect other religions as well.

These books note the decay of the family, the fragmentation of society, racism, politics losing its focus, corruption and dishonesty of public figures and narco and other crimes. Indeed, many of these crimes and violence which were so prophetically stated have later on unfolded themselves in view of everyone. It is uncanny to be told of the crime waves months or years before they have manifested themselves.

In these books, Dr. Prema was given the task of fighting off the massive attacks the demonic forces were going to unleash on Guyana. She fought these attacks in the spirit and with divine help and support she was able to overcome. The importance and significance of these successful struggles in the spirit against the forces of Evil and their manifestations were that when the actual physical assaults by the various facets of Evil would have been made on Guyana, they would be weaker as they had already been defeated in the spirit. And the defeat on the plane of the spirit ensures ultimate victory.

The books depict a very confused, trying and dangerous time in Guyana. And in all of this, the forces of pessimism, sloth, corruption and carelessness suffuse all aspects of life demoralising the nation.

There is, however, a very strong underlying hope of redemption and the return of Guyana to a more ordered, ethical, decent and God-fearing country. This redemption would be achieved as more and more of the people turn to God.

Though Dr. Mootoo is of a strong Christian background, the communication she received, her struggles in the spirit against the demonic forces, the vision of an ordered and happier society, and the vision of the Guyanese people achieving pure, clean, brighter and happier lives and ever being enveloped in the divine influence, transcends any particular religious Faith and achieves a universalism.

To people of Faith and particularly believing Christians, Dr. Mootoo’s books could deepen and help to bring greater commitment to their Faith. To non-Christians, the moral message and the foretelling of certain types of violence, crimes and disasters which will affect society and of which there is so much evidence would be reason enough to read the books.

The books have been printed locally to a very high standard and cost about $2,000 (G) each. The editions are very limited and could be obtained from Dr. Mootoo at her Brickdam, Georgetown office.

Guyana Chronicle

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