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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Alison does not disappoint - Impulsive show rocks

The Scene
Stabroek News
Alison Hinds on stage as night gave way to morning during the Impulse Show Saturday night.

Party lovers drank Impulse energy drink till the break of dawn, while gyrating to Alison Hinds' chorus: "The wining does never stop" at the second of three shows to launch the beverage last Saturday night at the GCC Ground.

By 2 am Sunday when the show ended they were wet with sweat but somehow, perhaps impulsively had the energy to go on.

It was for many a satisfying display by the galaxy of soca artistes that converged on the cricket ground. "It was a wonderful show," patron Troy Douglas commented, holding aloft a bottle of Impulse.

The show began one hour late, but the Sugar Cake Girls kicked things off well with the Mingles Sound Machine. Belting out some of their favourites including "Ah Stupidy You Stupidy", the group rocked the GCC ground.

Radio personality Wanita Huburn hosted the show, which was the second in the series of three events. The first show was held at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara and third was held in Berbice.

For about 30 minutes the Sugar cake Girls kept the crowd alive, until it was time for Adrian Dutchin, this year's Soca King.

The crowd went into frenzy when Dutchin appeared. Loud screams from his fans were enough to get him going and so he did with his winning piece "One". Dutchin went deep into his repertoire and dished out a few of his older tunes sending the crowd wild with excitement.

He was followed by a number of local soca stars belting out their favourite songs in the one rhythm. Michelle 'Big Red' King had the crowd going when it was her turn, showing how "Guyanese gals can wine."

The crowd was enthralled and sensing that 'Big Red' continued to delight. She sang a few more of her popular songs before making way for other singers such as: Vanilla, Chris Wilson with his piece "Bouncy Bouncy" among others.

It was half past midnight and the stage was set, the revellers, some with Impulse tins in their hands and others drinking beers and other beverages were ready for the guest artistes. First up was D Hitman.

The Trinidad and Tobago sensation began with one of his favourites "Listen Mr Sankar".

Party mad fans started to jump and by the time the song was finished many had drifted from where they were standing to other parts in the ground.

Hitman frequently called on the fans to wave their rags as he moved from corner to corner on the stage. He sang several other of his songs including the crowd pleaser, "Bring de Fire Water" before making way for Alison Hinds.

Chanting her name as she made her way on stage, fans braced themselves for one hour of Alison at her finest. It was 1.25 am when Alison, clad in black and accompanied by her own dancers got on stage. "Iron Basodee", "Roll" and "Jump in Unity" were just a few of the songs, she sang, which pumped up the energy levels of the crowd.

Alison, known for her bacchanal stage performance lived up to all the pre-show hype, to the satisfaction of her fans. She made a call for unity and implored the fans to drink lots of Impulse. Many thronged the front of the stage, hoping to get a touch of the diva who made her name in the soca arena several years ago.

The show was billed as an Alison Hinds and D' Hitman affair, but while it was Alison's night, local performers also held their own. Organizer, Jonathan Beepat was satisfied with the show, noting that the event at Bourda saw a much larger crowd than the previous night, which was held at Uitvlugt.

Alison also thanked the fans, observing that the country was blessed with good musical talent, which needs to be better promoted abroad.

Beepat said that overall everything went well for the three shows.

He said Guyana could look forward for more promotions by the company. Beepat thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the shows, especially the staff at Beepat and Sons and scores of other persons.

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