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Friday, March 10, 2006

Fashion Wars II

D’Nathalie Strikes Back
Guyana Chronicle

In an issue of Weekend Confidential far away and long, long ago – well actually, last week, we published a letter by a Miss Daly who said, among other things, that D’Nathalie Smith’s designs in her last show, Gothika were, and we quote, “ghetto fabulous – a skunkey look”. Smith recently e-mailed her response:

Dear Weekend Confidential,
I would like to thank the author of the missive for her seemingly genuine concern and mortification, for what she assumes is my ignorance and duplicity. However, I’d like to assure the readers that my grasp of the English language has in no way been diminished I am aware that Gothica is not a word. My collection is called Gothika (please note the difference).

As previously reported the collection Gothika is the precocious union of history, fashion and music and the original date set to launch was October 31 Halloween night. . My enthusiasm for Anne Rice novels, European History, Rock music, and my favourite computer game Warcraft III influenced my decision to share my vision. A natural curiosity and exploration of the tattoo and piercing trend among young professional Guyanese were reflected by the clothes shown in the latter part of the collection.

Need I remind this self proclaimed fashion designer/professor that there are factors that influence a particular choice of clothing? Some of the most important are people’s values and attitudes, their tendencies towards conformity or individuality and their personalities. Fashion is a mirror of our times; it reflects our culture at any given point. Historically, clothing revealed many details about the lifestyles of people from various past cultures. From the beginning clothes served basic human needs; nowadays the fashion is the prevailing type of clothing favoured by a particular segment of the public at any given time.

As designers, knowledge of where fashion has come from helps us to understand how it is progressing in our own time and to anticipate where it may lead in the future and its certainty to evolve. Historical clothing can provide a wealth of inspiration and ideas which can be adapted to our modern lifestyle. However care should be given not to use them too literally in case they look like actual costumes rather than new trends inspired by the past.

I have no interest in the author’s claim to fame but will continue to share my vision as my inspiration may be Modern, Baroque, Byzantium, Minoan or the Punk that began in the streets of England. My right is to interpret and create any style that expresses my vision; in the case of Gothika I dubbed the collection “avant-garde”. Avant-garde clothes are defined as the most daring and wild designs. Most are unconventional and startling; they are too far out to be considered as fashion of the times and are often worn by rock groups on stage. Need I say more? I think not.

Gothika fans mark the calendar!!!! Gothika 2K7 is set for October 31 the eve of All Hallows' Eve ('hallow' means 'saint'). This is a not to be missed event. Spiced with local and foreign models, daring clothes, rock music, eerie ambiance etc, etc, etc in short, the whole nine yards what more can you ask for?

D’Nathalie Smith

Posted by jebratt :: Friday, March 10, 2006 :: 0 comments

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