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Friday, January 20, 2006

Mac Looby...

It continues to be a rather exciting week here at Kyk-Over-Al because we are currently discovering new talent throughout the Caribbean. The artists are quite diverse in their style ranging from the intensely personal to the overtly politcal thus reflecting the broad diaspora throughout the region. Today, we are very pleased to feature the work of Mac Looby, an exceptionally talented individual from St. Kitts and Nevis who has sent us his work that contains a powerful social consciousness that asks us to reflect upon both the past and the future. Enjoy and as always, comments are appreciated...

Love for my Country
I’m trying to love were I’m from 
I’m trying to love were I at 
I’m trying loving my island my country and not having any
But I still have no love instead I have lost love
Even after I have all the facts
Quote from the rappers Whodini
Who said its better to have lost love than to never?
Loved at all
No love for my country whereas your respect
Born with pride for country what else would you expect
What would have you grow up and not give a fack? 
When one man comes short your ready to pick up the
It’s hard if when you born the decked was stacked
How you to learn from parents who started two steps
Our parents for lack of better words were pimped
Taught to grow up and accept a whole lot of crap
As they passed this on not knowing it was neglect
As you grow your parents expect you to accept that
The only reason for this is they lacked the facts
I’m here at this point because I learned how to cycle
As I attempt to break the cycle of the maniacal
If this offends anyone that’s to dam bad this is
So I supposed to love were I’m from
After al I am the soil that is the sun
I am supposed to love were I from
From an onion patch 
To boxing match
Of a construction patch
From slaves that farmed the land 
To free slaves those bicker and fight for cement n sand
But still we don’t own any real –a-shit
Instead we rent, lease and mortgage the shit for real
So I saying I love were I’m from
Well how about this for a look at our cultureless life
In broad day light in town I saw a man beat his wife
Than that man stood by his wife
As their child had jus taken to school a knife
And than threatened his teachers life 
Than they stand up for child like the shit they did
Was right 
In this life tell me what we have learned
As high as you run air conditioner
I surprised you don’t have freezer burn
Ac in your car in your office to your home
On your bike yeah that would be neat 
And wondering why your body can’t take the heat
Growing up I remember playing all day in the sun
With no shirt on my back boy was I dark and no that
Was not a tan
And your telling me put on now what that I’m a man
Now Bermudians in that new world order type motion
The same people I grew up with now swear by the
Protection of suntan lotion
Were ever you got that information you need to go back
And ask some questions
Because when you think about it suntan lotion is for
Whose protection
So I was saying something about loving were I from
This may go sort of quick so if you can follow me
I followed a party that claimed to be for e everybody
Your 6 mins are up enough of the Laddie Daddie
I am 36 years old and can only dream of owning my own
My only chance of owning shit is by playing monopoly
This anit the movie mask but why r some politicians
So at the next major games will I be able to wave my
Own flag
N about this being my national anthem
Will I be able to brag?
As I sing while waving my flag
Love for my country? My people have no love for we
And we doesn’t stand for me we stands for community
We need the we to build our community
With out the we of community were lies our destiny
No longer do we great each other when walking down the
Even through 
These are the people that you meet
When you’re walking down the street
Their the people in your neighborhood
But grandma say I can’t speak to him he might be a hood
Look at the way he is dressed he must be up to no good
Or I must in a bad part of town
Why the hell must he wear his pants so he looks like a
 So I was saying something about love for my country
Were my country don’t see we
So don’t forget the we is your community
I’m just hoping this has not fallen on deaf ears 
And why does it seems like less n less people care
Is this the reason you long to be like western
Well that’s the culture that you mock son 
And why not Bermuda no longer has one
We now live in the time of the big building in
So really your proud of were your from
Were culture has been replaced by finance
You got your car, your boat and you Jet Ski
And that house you rent with your white picket fence
Your well dressed n ready take your stance
I’m a sit and watch see who does the best JIG A BOO
You say I should love my country 
Love were I’m from
This is not were I’m from
And don’t look at me all stupid and steery eyed son
Talking about loving were I from 
I bet you love were your from
This is not were I’m from
I bet you love were your from
More still I bet you wish I was done
Is that cause your loving this 
Colonialism of a cultureless conundrum
I’m almost finished like I know your hoping for the
End of me
But I have to break it down 
Brought to you via the American Heritage College
A policy by which a nation maintains or extends its
Control over foreign dependencies
CULTURE:  from the usage of the word cultureless
The totality of socially transmitted behavior
Patterns, arts, belifes, institutions and all other
Products of human work and thought of a particular
Period, class or community and the works produced by
A riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a
Pun a paradoxical, insoluble or difficult problem
Bermuda we have a FUCKING dilemma

Posted by jebratt :: Friday, January 20, 2006 :: 3 comments

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